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YouTube Launches 3 Insight Features for Creators

Video is more popular in marketing strategies than ever before. Whether your brand is video-focused, you use YouTube as an extra way to build your audience, or you simply post videos recreationally, you should be paying attention to YouTube’s new features.

The social networking company recently launched three simple features that could transform your success on the platform – if you use them to your advantage. These features are accessible in YouTube Studio, an app that supports creators on YouTube, and they help creators take advantage of useful insights that show relevant metrics. The announcement was made on the app’s official YouTube channel.

Learn about these features below.

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Improvements Made to Realtime Cards

On YouTube, ‘real-time cards’ display quick data on important channel metrics like subscriber counts and video views, all in the app.

Previously, the app only showed a simple list of ‘overview’ data. Now, it shows a new ‘reach’ tab and ‘engagement’ tab alongside the existing overview tab. As a result, users will be able to find out more about the way that audiences connect with their video content.

Mentions Inbox

On social networking sites that allow users to ‘tag’ each other, one might be curious to see all of the places they were tagged, or mentioned, without the clutter of other notifications. YouTube is the latest social network to take on this problem.

The platform launched a ‘mentions inbox,’ meaning that it is a filtered notification inbox showing you all the instances in which your channel is mentioned in the comment section of another channel’s video or elsewhere on YouTube.

Currently, this feature is only available to desktop users.

Why use it? If you’re trying to build your brand on YouTube, connecting with others who engage with your channel is a must. Responding to mentions can build relationships and increase your visibility to other channels with potentially similar audiences.

Hashtag Autocompletion

In January, YouTube brought forward searchable hashtags that can be attached to videos and their titles. Now, YouTube is recommending hashtags that it believes are relevant based on the first few letters typed. Additionally, the user can see data pertaining to the success or relevance of these hashtags. Users on desktop and mobile can use this feature.

This feature is not necessarily a major game-changer, but it does make quick optimization easier.

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