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Shopify Brings New Features To Quick Pay System, Shop App

It’s been a big week for Shopify. The Canadian e-commerce company announced that it would launch two new features within its platforms to make the retail experience more simplified:

An expansion of Shop Pay, the company’s quick-shopping feature, across more platforms

The implementation of Local Discovery in the Shop App

What are these features, and how do they work? Learn more below.

Shop Pay coming to Facebook, Google

Shopify announced that it would bring its online checkout service Shop Pay to more users over the course of 2021.

Shop Pay is a ‘quick pay’ feature that was launched in 2017 under the name ‘Shopify Pay.’ It speeds up the online retail process by giving users the option to save their payment information – a feature that has since become popular among shopping platforms across the internet. It also allows users to split up costs into smaller, interest-free payments.

“Since launching, Shop Pay has set the standard for checkout experiences, facilitating more than $24 billion in orders,” said Carl Rivera, Shopify’s VP of Product for Shop. “Shop Pay makes that process fast and simple, and the expansion to all merchants selling on Facebook and Google is a mission-critical step in bringing a best-in-class checkout to every consumer, every merchant, every platform, and every device.”

Specifically, the feature will be available to all merchants who sell on Facebook, Instagram, or Google – whether they use Shopify to power their store or not. Previously, the feature was only available to explicit Shopify users.

Local Discovery coming to the Shop app

Shop Pay’s accompanying mobile app, Shop, is also getting an upgrade. The app is gaining a new feature called Local Discovery.

The app, which make the promise that it “drives sales, reduces support debt, and boosts conversion” for retailers, had a few features that encouraged local shopping. Launched in 2020, the app allowed users to turn on a local filter, which would allow them to find local businesses and identify their shipping, pickup, and return policies.

Now, the platform has launched ‘Local Discovery,’ which aims to bring more features to shoppers who like to find retailers close to home.

You can preview Local Discovery here:

We surveyed local American retailers and 95% of them said that businesses like their own are integral to building thriving cultures in cities. We couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce Local Discovery within the @Shop app. — Harley Finkelstein (@harleyf) June 14, 2021