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Google Shopping is Testing Quick Checkout & Chats

Over the past few days, some have noticed a new shopping feature that Google appears to be testing, a chat button and quick checkout option.

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Chat & Quick Checkout

With Google Shopping getting an upgrade, it seems like this feature might be part of the plan to increase visualization and personalization for users. That is to say a tool for shoppers to message merchants questions about a product would certainly attract users to use Google Shopping!

Both features have been spotted in product search results, the chat feature positioned just beside the listed price. The quick checkout feature has appeared to be conveniently located on the search bar for Google Shopping.

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I mean who wouldn’t be tempted by that, shopping support and quick checkout. On the other hand, don’t get too excited yet, many speculate that Google is still fine-tuning these features.

People picked up this test feature quickly, among them SEO consultant Glenn Gabe. He tweeted about the chat in Google shopping. Here’s what he has to say:

More shopping features. Now there’s Chat in Google Shopping. I see that too when checking some queries. Not sure when it showed up. — Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) October 3, 2022

Google’s Search On 2022 Shopping Features

Anyone keeping up to date with Google updates, knows they tend to test features without announcing them. Testing product search chat and quick checkout have yet to be announced by Google, which is a little surprising.

Google has listed 9 new shopping features at the Search On 2022 event. Hopefully chats and quick check will join the list, when testing is complete. Shopping in 3D, personalized results, and shopping guides were though!

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Barry Schwartz thinks it’s possible that Google is still coordinating with merchants to set up chat hours and options. In any event, these features are still being tested and weren’t ready to be announced at the Google Search On 2022 event.

Be sure to keep an eye on Google Shopping to see if you can spot the chat or quick checkout feature, it may be available for use in the near future!

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