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Google’s Newest Shopping Features

Google just announced a couple of new features to help shoppers find deals, Search Engine Roundtable reports. Now you can fast-track your search and narrow down your deals with these new features:

  1. Side by Side Deal Comparisons

  2. Clippable Coupons & Promotion Codes

  3. Price Insights

These new features are coming just in time to help searchers find to make the best choices and find the right price for the holidays.

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Side By Side Deals

It’s no secret that shoppers don’t take long to decide if they want something. On average users will click away from a page pretty quickly. Not to mention it only takes 15 seconds to decide if they want to click on a page to begin with.

Well not to fear, Google’s side by side deals comparison is here. They’ve added this new feature into shopping results so that users can see deals across different retailers.

If you’re searching for winter boots, you’ll now see a variety of different listings. I mean what’s not to love, you’re on a good track to getting the best deal.

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Coupons And Promotion Codes

Not to throw shade, but you know those scammy looking clippable coupon codes that you see on some sites? Well as usual Google does everything better.

They’ve recycled this idea and turned it into an eye-catching shopping incentive. If you’ve got your eye on an item and you send it into search, you’ll be faced with many options. But, now some will have clippable promo codes and coupons, Google has made them look incredible sleek.

Let’s say you’re not ready to be a big spender at the moment, well you’re going to love this. You can actually save the coupon for later once you’ve got the right amount of coin saved up.

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Price Insights

And last but certainly not least (because everyone loves low prices), Google is helping you make better purchases with price insights. Now you’ll be able to see what prices were in the past on that item you’ve been wanting. The bonus is that you can compare prices across merchants.

With that being said, if you weren’t psyched to turn into a shopaholic this season, you should be now. Stay tuned for more shopping updates from Google Search.

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