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YouTube Is Adding New Features For Shorts

Ho Ho Ho! YouTube is acting Santa this year and they’ve got some gifts for their users.

The platforms’ scheduled Creator Insider Video, the last one of this year, bundled together a couple surprises for creators. The line-up of new features includes a new shorts metrics display and a collection of post presentation options.

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With short form content becoming the leading form of monetization for creators, it’s no surprise that they’ve included some new metrics options.

Introducing Shorts Metrics

YouTube is introducing the shorts metrics which comes in a report only available in the mobile YouTube Studio App according to Social Media Today.

“The Shorts remix report highlights all of your Shorts clips that have been used to make other Shorts, and displays the number of times that your content has been remixed, along with remix views”, Social Media Today reports.

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Basically, it’s another way for creators to track the performance of their short form content. In 2022, YouTube Shorts have had a big year and it seems like with all these new additions 2023 will be just as big or bigger.

YouTube’s Take on Metrics

YouTube has has these metrics plans in the works for a while now and here’s what they have to say on roll out:

“Currently, impressions are the only metric shown on the key metrics card for posts in studio. This week, we’ll be adding additional metrics to the card, including likes and subscribers on both mobile and web.”

In short, you’ll see more different up-front facts provided in the app, which may aid to draw attention to new factors in your strategic planning.

The YouTube for Creators website now has a new live-streaming overview section that provides a variety of instructions, ideas, and recommendations for your streaming approach.

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