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Why Should You Start Blogging?

We’re not saying you should let go of your business and start an influencer career. But, if you don’t have it already, consider having a blog page on your website. Long gone are the days when only a specific brave person had a blog where they would share their thoughts with the world.

Today, more and more brands are choosing to blog to grow their business and expand their reach. According to Hubspot, marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than the ones that don’t.  How?

Blogs Improve Your SEO

Regularly publishing content is a valuable way to drive traffic to your website. And, come on, who doesn’t want more free traffic?!

Every time you publish a quality blog post, there’s one more chance for an indexed and crawled page on your site – which means one more chance of showing up in SERPs and making someone come to your page. If you create blogs that your audience wants to share on social media, even better!  Plus, a blog post is a great way to show the visitors your brand voice and let them know what makes you different than your competition!

They Build Trust And Increase Sales

You want your audience to trust you and connect with you, right? If you create useful content and use valuable links, you can position yourself as a trusted source of information. Knowing your audience is key here – find out what they want to read about, and go for it. By providing helpful information to your visitors, you don’t come across as just another business trying to sell something, you show them that you care about them. Plus, it’s a great way to show your expertise in the industry.  After you’ve built trust, your readers become leads and those leads, well, they can become sales.

Blogging Helps With Backlinks And Building Authority

For many SEO experts, link building is one of the most important parts of better SEO. It might be challenging, but it pays off. Backlinks are one of the factors Google looks at when considering ranking a site on its SERP. Plus, they build your authority, which helps improve your visibility. By linking to authoritative websites, other websites express confidence or recommendation. As a result, Google begins to see you as a trustworthy industry expert. This way you also get free publicity!

They Help Your Other Marketing Channels

Sharing blog posts on social media is also one of the ways you can reap all the benefits. Not only did you just find a great thing to post on Twitter, but you will find a new way to drive some traffic and push people to come to your website! Your blog content can be promoted through social media to a targeted audience and that way enhance your brand awareness. And you can share the same thing multiple times, you only have to highlight different elements of the post each time! One blog post can easily become at least three social media posts if you do it smart enough.

If you’re still on the edge, here are some great stats to help you decide!

  1. 80% of internet users interact with both social media sites and blogs;

  2. 70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements;

  3. Blogs can result in a 434% increase in indexed pages;

  4. Companies that blog have 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t;

  5. Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors.

Creating a blog might sound challenging, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Everyone in your team can contribute and give their two cents about a topic they’re good at. Use this valuable tool and increase brand awareness, build authority, improve SEO, and increase sales.

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