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Twitter To Become ‘The Everything App’

Hot off the press is more news about Twitter!

Lately, almost every other day, we hear a new update from the land of Twitter. Its new leader, Elon Musk, has big plans for monetizing the platform, using the ad options and offering Twitter Blue. Musk has just announced a new set of options and features he plans to add to Twitter.

Since Musk wants his team to work day and night, it’s no surprise they met over the weekend to review the new set of features. Musk tweeted a slide deck from the meeting, inferring that Twitter will become the Everything App.

Slides from my Twitter company talk — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 27, 2022

The new features included in the app were listed in Musk’s tweet attachment as follows:

  1. Longform tweets

  2. Advertising as Entertainment

  3. Video

  4. Encrypted DMs

  5. Relaunch Blue Verified

  6. Payments

Screenshot from:, November 2022.

H2: From Encrypted DMs to Longform Tweets

It’s safe to say that Musk is on a mission to make Twitter the go-to social platform. But his tweet provided little context as to when we might see these features. What we did get were clues in the images of the slide deck.

Longform tweets for example, in the image, Musk has included a snippet of Twitter’s notes feature. Considering the plans to bring more videos to the app, one could speculate about the return of Vine.

Search Engine Journal reports that this seems to be in line with Musk’s recent tweets and belief that YouTube Shorts could be challenged.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of all would be advertising as entertainment. Search Engine Journal reports they’ve seen this done before with Buzzfeed and quizzes but this type of viral advertising has the potential to take over on Twitter.

As for encrypted DMs, well it’s pretty much the standard these days, so it’s not surprising that this security feature will be added.

After its failed first launch, the new Twitter Blue will premiere as part of the feature to make Twitter into the everything app. Included will be the ability to upload longer videos, a blue ‘verified’ checkmark, and early bird access to new options, among other features.

As of now, all users have to go on is Musk’s tweet but since he seems to know how to get everyone’s attention, keeping an eye on his Twitter feed is a safe bet for updates!