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Twitter Rolls Out New Targeting Features

These days some would call Twitter a downright dumpster fire, which it kind of is.

But that doesn’t stop them from launching brand new targeting features amid all the chaos at headquarters. From new monetizing options to the revamped version of Twitter Blue, the social media company still seems focused on making Twitter more functional for users.

Twitter already has a handful of ad capabilities in place, like ad goals, but these new options are a bit different. As an added bonus all of these feature are now available globally.

Website Conversions Optimization

Have you ever advertised something on Twitter but found you weren’t getting the engagement that you were striving for? Well that exactly what Twitter’s Website Conversions Optimizations (CWO) works on. In a recent blog post, Twitter explained that CWO is intended to “improve the way advertisers reach customers who are most likely to convert on a lower-funnel website action.”

This is good news for advertisers because it will push consumers just that extra step needed to get the results you want. Instead of bookmarking something for later, users will be more likely to add items to cart, register, or subscribe.

How does this work you might be wondering?

Well, Social Media Today reports that this new ad conversion uses Pixel Tracking, which is used “to get a measure of the types of people who are undertaking these actions on your website, then utilizes that data for targeting further audiences for your ads, based on each element.”

Campaign Objectives

CWO is already a big step for advertisers in gearing their ads more towards actioned engagement. Not only will advertisers be able to optimize for more specific objectives, these will be displayed on the Campaign Objectives page for easy access.

Looking at this rollout broadly, it can seem like a huge addition to the app. But in reality conversions and optimizing options just got cleaned up into a simpler layout.