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TikTok’s New Audience Feature

Guess what? TikTok has a new feature for advertisers!

This past week, Audience Insights was introduced. The new feature comes equipped with a bunch of new capabilities that allow TikTok advertisers to gather more specific information on their audience.

What’s New

This new feature includes a handful of sweet features that are going to help out users tailor their content more towards their viewers. TikTok’s Audience Insights is now available globally within the Ads Manager section of the app, Social Media Today reports.

A blog post from TikTok for Business explains that the feature allows advertiser to  “explore TikTok user interests, discover aggregate audience information, and strengthen your audience planning workflow.” Advertisers having access to insight on age demographics and behaviors is a game changer and helpful in understanding users more.

Within the Ad manager, Audience Insights has a set of filters which advertiser can use to understand their audience. Some of the categories include: gender splits, age demographics, video interactions, hashtag interactions, and more!

Ways Audience Insights Can Be Used

Speaking of how advertisers can use features such as video interactions, TikTok gave us some tips. In TikTok from Business’s most recent blog post they outlines some ways that advertisers can use Audience Insights to guide their work.

Here’s are the main points TikTok listed:

  1. Discover insights to plan your campaign

  2. Validate and learn about your audience

  3. Find inspiration for targeting and creative strategies

  4. Explore top hashtags and interest categories to plan your content

The options are endless for how advertisers can use these tools to understand their audience better. Better understanding means better content and happier viewers!