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The Google Search Ranking Update Spikes Again

Update from the future: High volatility was noticed on August 6th, leading the SEO community to think about how the tremors have something to do with the July 2022 Product reviews update. Read more about it here

After a few days of calmness, more tremors and volatility can be seen, possibly from the unconfirmed Google Search ranking algorithm update we wrote about earlier.

The new update looks like it’s just getting started and some of the tracking tools have already picked up on it.

There were rumours within the SEO community that there may be an update happening. Some said it will happen on June 27t or June 28th, but there’s no official confirmation about that yet. Also, everything looks way calmer today.

We saw large fluctuations around the 19th, 20th, and 23rd, of June. Google’s core update, May 2022, began releasing on May 25 and it was officially proclaimed complete on June 9. But, big fluctuations were noticed before and after the start and end dates.

Google Tracking Tools

The tracking tools were picking up on changes the whole morning yesterday, showing some serious spikes.

Photo source: Semrush

Photo Source: Rank Ranger

Photo Source: Mozcast

Check out what the Twitter community had to say:

ICYMI: Google search ranking algorithm update rolling out in the past 24-hours? — Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) June 28, 2022

A few weeks later, the SEO community noticed large fluctuations again. This caused rumours about an update coming soon. Read more about the new spikes here.