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Potential Small Google Algorithm Update Rolls Out

Google has confirmed that a potential algorithm update causing significant chatter within the SEO community is not a Core Update, according to Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Round Table.

Schwartz reported that he began seeing “early signs and signals” of a possible Google Search ranking algorithm update yesterday. Many other SEO professionals noticed the same thing and took to Twitter to share their observations.

“Some more movement this morning in the UK. We saw a slight dial back of the previous late April update during the posted update (may),” said one SEO. “This morning, it looks like more of the previous late April. So whatever every happened in early May, I think it was only temporary.”

Schwartz also reported that search tracking tools like SEMRush and MozCast had begun to show some signs that an update was taking place.

There was even some speculation that a major Core Update could be rolling out, however, Google was quick to squash that rumour.

“We haven’t had a broad core update. We do announce those,” said Google public search liason Danny Sullivan on Twitter.

Sullivan then went on to imply that a small update could be taking place, which would explain all the chatter.

“That said, we have updates all the time. Sites can move around for smaller updates; sites themselves make changes; content overall changes that produces changes,” Sullivan said. “If we have updates we think might be broadly noticed or have actionable advice, we do try to share…”

So, there you have it. It is highly likely that a small update is rolling out, causing some minor hiccups. However, we’ll have to stay tuned for an announcement from Google regarding any future Core Updates.

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