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Now You Can Personalize First-Party Cookies

Google has added couple changes to AdSense including personalizing your first-party cookies. Not to mention some modifications for navigating for the blocking controls in Google AdSense. Let’s dig into the changes which happen to be live already!

Personalizing First-Party Cookies

First-party cookies have been an option on Google AdSense for a while.

But now you can tweak your first-party cookies to personalize them for your advertising needs. Google announced that personalizing first-party cookies will have your users viewing personalized ads when you aren’t able to use third-party cookies.

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This change isn’t huge in terms of many features but in the sense of choosing which cookies to enable. Personalizing makes first-party cookies a great option to use over third-party cookies.

The new changes can be configured in Google Adsense by navigating to:

  1. Brand safety, Content, Blocking Controls, and lastly to Manage Ad Serving

You might be wondering, how do I personalize my first-party cookies? Well, to begin with, Google says you’ll need to turn on the option “Allow first-party cookies”, and then you can get down to business customizing.

Also, taking a peek at the “Ad serving” tab will show you the new control which lets the user select if they want to personalize their first-party cookies.

Try Out Google AdSense’ New Blocking Controls

Another new change made in Google AdSense is the new blocking controls. Google explains that the new controls make it easier to block ads and for users to navigate the main control panel.

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One key change people will notice is the new name on the blocking controls page. Google has switched the name to “Brand Safety”. Additionally, a news search bar has been added which will tailor site results.

If you’re a frequent user of AdSense, then you could be a publisher, meaning this new search tool is a great addition since you most likely have a bunch of sites to publish on. Google added these changes hoping to streamline navigation and to run ads more effectively.

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