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Instagram’s Professional Users’ New Scheduling Tools

Another one coming in hot! Users with Instagram professional accounts are getting another app update.

This time, Instagram is adding a brand new feature that users have been asking for a hot second. Drum roll please! In-app scheduled posts are the new feature that will be rolling out to all Instagram users with professional accounts. This means that business owners and creators will now have another tool to support their niche.

What’s New

On November 8th, the creators instagram account posted the announcement for the new scheduling feature. Social media Guru Matt Navarra tweeted about the new feature as well. Here’s what he had to say.

Here it is social media managers! Instagram In-App Scheduling is now rolling out to creator and business accounts 📆 You can schedule Reels, Photo, and Carousel posts up to 75 days in advance in-app. — Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) November 7, 2022

Within the Instagram announcement, the creators account included a list of steps explaining how the new feature works. In a nutshell, you would create your post, beautifying it and such, and then you would navigate to advanced settings before positing.

Here you find a toggle button for scheduling posts which as I’m sure you’ve guessed is where you’ll set the time and date for posting. After that its as simple as pressing schedule!

Out Of The Blue?

Nope! Instagram has been working on a feature such as scheduling posts for a while now. They’ve been testing the feature over the past couple of weeks by selecting specific users to try it out. But, the good news is now its about to be available to everyone with a business account.

Many are shocked that it took this long to rollout a scheduling post option, especially since many people run business over Instagram. One user tweet:

It took so much time to roll out such an essential feature. — Sharif Mohamed ⚡️ (@sharifmv) November 8, 2022

If you’re feeling left out on this because you don’t have a professional account, well now is the perfect time to get one. You can find out how to get a professional instagram account set up by visiting Instagram’s business account section.

But maybe you’re a smart cookie and you’ve already got one. Well then you’re in luck! Instagram professional accounts have been or will be able to use as the feature rolls from November 8th onwards, Social Media Today reports.