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Instagram DMs: Facilitating In-App Interactions

Well, well, well, look who it is. Instagram is back with a handful of brand new DM features. A set of in-app interactions for customers to use will make communication between brands and clients easy as 1, 2, 3!

What’s New

Over the past year, Instagram has been more into dabbling with shops and business features as e-commerce continues to thrive.

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While they already have some shop features, now labels are coming to the table. These new labels can be found in DM settings. Sachin Shah tweeted about it first, including a screenshot of the features. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Instagram is working towards adding labels for chats in DMs. This is quite helpful for small businesses that don’t have the monies to onboard ORM agencies/tools. What do you think @MattNavarra? — Sachin Shah (@ItsSachinShah) December 4, 2022

In DMs, there are five new labels that Instagram wants to add.

Flag, booked, ordered, paid, and shipped are the labels being tested to improve communications. These features would be a welcome addition to already existing business features.

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Social Media Today reports that these new labels would greatly complement Instagram’s welcome messages and saved replies. As of right now, the labels are still in testing phases so users may have to wait a little while before they are fully available.

Recent Instagram In-App Business Features

Instagram has been adding more features as of late due to competition from other platforms, especially when it comes to monetizing. Recently, Instagram introduce scheduling features for creators and a tipping option. Both feature allow creators to effectively manage their content distribution, while being able to monetize their content.

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