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Google Search Scroll To Text For Sitelinks

Back in November, Google had started testing the scroll-to-text feature for sitelinks in the Google Search results. Brodie Clark was the first to notice it:

Interesting. Looks like you might not need to add jump-to links in content for the sitelink treatment anymore. Shows for various features (featured snippets, knowledge panels etc.), now seeing scroll-to-text parameters on standard listings. More info: — Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) November 11, 2021

Now, Search Engine Roundtable reports that the feature is fully live on the US desktop search results.

Heads-up: Google has now launched scroll-to-text sitelinks (that highlight content) for organic listings. From what I can see, the rollout looks to only appear on desktop and in the US at this time. More details on this feature + history on my timeline: — Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) April 20, 2022

What Is The Scroll To Text Feature?

Using this feature, a user or author can link to a specific part of a page using a text snippet provided in the URL. After the page loads, the browser highlights the text and scrolls it into view. Still, URL hash relies on authors accurately identifying all of the points that might interest a user while annotating their pages.

The feature works on any kind of website and adds a new way for users to get their answers quickly and efficiently, making the whole experience more user-friendly.

Some more variations of the ‘jump-to search’ functionality that Google is testing right now. All of the other variations either had text or symbols at the bottom, with this variation being placed at the top. Examples with arrows + arrows with text added: — Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) November 15, 2021

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