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Google Rolls Out Another Massive Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 2nd & 3rd

Well, folks, Google is at it again (surprise, surprise). According to Search Engine Round Table, it looks like Google unleashed yet another massive unconfirmed update over the weekend of October 2nd and 3rd.

While forum chatter has been minimal, Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable is reporting that tracking tools have been showing that this latest update is pretty massive (more on that later).

In fact, Schwartz is saying that tracking tools are reaching levels typically unheard of outside of a core update. But because there is so little chatter within the community, he theorized that Google did something to trigger the tools without affecting rankings or traffic.

Here are a few comments taken from WebmasterWorld related to this update:

“Big movements across all topics and countries. The volatility is similar to a core update. It’s the update they started rolling out yesterday.”

“After 7 days of very good and converting traffic, it started yesterday with rubbish traffic and today traffic is down by 50% again. I think it is a roll back from update on 24/25.”

“USA traffic is atrocious today, -36% and getting worse today. AU has joined the party, but has been down for most of September…UK and elsewhere remains strong.”

“USA Publisher here. USA traffic is awful Sept 30 and Oct 1. It’s strange because, for example, semrush doesn’t seem to picking it up. Which makes me wonder, is USA just sleeping? of course, that’d be best-case scenario seeing a 30% drop.”

In addition, here are some screenshots of the tracking tools showing massive spikes over the weekend:

Mozcast Oct 2 and 3
SEMRush Oct 2 and 3
SERP Metrics Oct 2 and 3
Rank Ranger Oct 2 and 3