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Google Merchant Center Updated

Remember the automatic removal of shopping listings that are missing the return and refund policy? That is no more. Along with listings that have insufficient contact information, Google will no longer automatically remove the listings described above.

This was announced by Google itself, stating that this policy only applies to free listings.

What’s Changing?

In the old days, Google would automatically disapprove the accounts flagged with “insufficient contact information” or with the ‘missing return and refund policy’ badge of honour. Now, if your listings have these statuses, but are also free – they will still be active. However, your products will have limited visibility on the search engine. The policies themselves will remain the same.

What Does “Insufficient Contact Information” Mean?

That there isn’t a clearly displayed way of contacting you on your website. That means no contact us form, no links to social media, no email you can be reached at, and no phone number.

You need to display at least one-way customers can contact you. Business information, such as a brick-and-mortar store address must also be available in your Merchant Centre account or a third-party platform.

What’s A “Missing And Return Refund Policy” Status?

Just what you think it is. If your website has this status, it means that there isn’t a Return and Refund Policy on your website. Your customers deserve to know how you handle those situations, so your website must clearly state all the requirements and timelines.

Why Should I Care About This?

Because, if your website has these statuses, you’ll face a form of penalty and your website won’t be as visible as it would if you didn’t have those statuses. Less visibility –  less traffic – fewer leads – fewer conversions – less earned.  Address these issues ASAP and avoid hurting your business.