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Google Latest Upgrade Is Ads Design

Google Search ads just got a brand new look. This comes alongside a recent slew of Google Ads updates from content suitability settings to first party cookies. Users can enjoy these new upgrades simply by searching. They will see the two most prominent updates, a brand new logo look and a different tag for ads.

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Three Key Google Ad Design Upgrades:

  1. New Logos

  2. Featured Business Name

  3. New Sponsored Tag

Now we’re going to have a closer look at what this Ad refresh looks like.

Google Refreshes Ad Logos

Who doesn’t love logos?

Something eye-catching and colourful is one of the better ways to attract attention. Now Google has decided to add logos to Google Ads. The search engine said that this is to help users differentiate between organic results and ads.

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This will have Google Ads popping since organic search results are simply listed in plain text.

Business Names Are Where Its At

Speaking of standing out, Google is also help ads do this by ditching the title tag as their go-to. Now, that doesn’t mean the search engine is kicking title tags to the curb, instead they are going to be more of a supporting role if you will.

Now, the main character is the website’s business name. Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern writes that “…business names will be the topmost visual element of search ads”

Goodbye Ads, Hello Sponsored

Everyone knows the bold ‘ad’ label that is listed above the ad itself. Well Google thinks its time for a change up so we’ll no longer be seeing the bolded ‘Ad’.

Google introduces a replacement, ‘Sponsored’ will now be featured as the tag identifying results differently than organic search results. Users can spy the new ‘Sponsored’ tag where the ‘Ads’ tag used to be. But as of now, these upgrades are only gradually being added on mobile, meaning a desktop version will be coming in the near future.

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On a thread of tweets, Ad expert Ginny Marvin has been keeping up on all the changes Google has made recently. Since the upgrade to ads she tweeted about what users would see in the coming weeks. Have a read below.

3/3 Lastly, ads will now be labeled with “Sponsored” in bold black text on mobile search results. To learn more about these updates, see: — AdsLiaison (@adsliaison) October 14, 2022

Why Change Things Now?

Some might think this Google ads update comes as a surprise, however that is not the case. Recently, Google has been on a kick of making the search engine better for users so that they may find more helpful content.

In a statement this week, Google’s Director Product Management Senthill Hariramasamy expanded on why Google Ads is getting so many changes. If you want to know why take a look at his full statement just below.

“This is just one step on our long-term path to making Google Search more intuitive, with visual-first experiences that help people recognize and connect with content creators and businesses quickly—wherever they may be searching,” said Director Hariramasamy.

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