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Google Announces ‘My Ad Center’

A nice new ad experience was announced yesterday at Google’s I/O event. My Ad Center is a new solution that gives users options to control the messages they receive across the platform. Now, users can dictate which brands and topics they like, as well as the amount of personalization for their ad experience.

These options are available either directly within My Ad Center or through the ad itself and are one of the ways Google is trying to respect users’ privacy. If consumers learn how to navigate through the feature, My Ad Center could help Google and its ads data, but also the consumer – by making the whole experience much better on Youtube, Discover and Search.

Users will also be able to follow brands, which is very significant now that the third-party cookies are going away.

Later this year, we’ll launch My Ad Center. You’ll be able to easily manage your ads privacy settings and even choose to see ads from categories or brands you like — giving you more control over the ads you see across YouTube, Search and Discover. #GoogleIO — Google (@Google) May 11, 2022

Following Brands And Topics

All Google users will now be able to choose the brands and topics they like the most and decide what they want to see. A user will choose a topic they like and then be served ads related to that particular topic.

As noticed by Greg Finn, this is different than the Topics targeting, since the information is dictated directly by users. They can now directly provide Google with helpful information that will drive targeted data.

Personalization And data Controls

Within the My Ad Center location, users will be able to limit personalization, such as age, relationship status, education, and demographic data. They will also be able to stop being shown sensitive ad topics like gambling, parenting and weight loss. Additionally, they will be able to choose which data sources can be used for ad personalization.

Expanded Controls Within Ads

Users will be able to make changes on the spot when the ad is served. Google will let users make changes or get targeting clarity directly within the ad. The expanded controls will also allow liking, blocking or reporting an ad. Plus, you will have the option to tune the targeting and let Google know if you’d like to see more or less of the brand or topic.

Additionally, the expanded controls will show who paid for the ad.

Note that this feature will only be available for Google Search, Youtube and Google Discover for now. When the feature is finally launched, there should be a separate ads settings page for Google Display Network, Gmail and Search Partners.