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Google Ads New Content Suitability Center Update

If you’re an advertiser you’re gonna want to hear about Google Ads latest update.

In a news release this week, Google announced the launch of Google Ads new content suitability center. Previously, those of us using Google Ads and working with suitability settings know the struggle of finding the exact setting–not to mention where they’re located!

The former set up was spread across various sections on Google Ads. Unfortunately due to its organization, this resulted in errors and incorrect use of the settings. Luckily thats not the case anymore!

Google’s leadership, highlights the goals Google hopes the new content sustainability center will accomplish.

“In a content-rich world, we want to make it easier for advertisers to feel confident in the environments where their brands appear, to reach new consumers and grow their businesses,”said Marvin Renaud, Director of Global Video Solutions.

What’s New in the Content Suitability Center

Now, Google Ad users can change suitability controls all from one place–a settings powerhouse if you will.

The new and improved suitability center will allow advertisers to easily:

  1. Tailor suitability preferences

  2. Fine tune content exclusions based on branding

  3. Select from three different inventory modes

With these changes, the content suitability center is aimed to improve speed and accuracy for users. Also, Google says this about the new suitability center’s settings:

“Suitability settings work on top of our brand safety systems to give you more control over the content surrounding your ads — content that, while in compliance with our policies, may not resonate with your unique brand values.”

Take a look below to see the new content suitability center in Google Ads:

Chatter on Twitter About the New Center

This new center is a welcome change for advertisers across the board and the new launch already has people overjoyed.

Even YouTube’s Chief Production Officer, Neal Mohan was boasting about how great this new one stop setting shop is for brand. Here’s what he tweeted:

Good news for brands! With the launch of this new Content Suitability Center in Google Ads, we’re making it easier for advertisers to feel confident in places where their ads appear – including @YouTube: — Neal Mohan (@nealmohan) October 13, 2022

This launch is the latest update for Google Ads recently and it won’t be the last. At the end of Google’s announcement it noted that the new center “is the first of many improvements to come, allowing advertisers to more easily control the environments they want to be in and to reap the benefits of improved campaign performance.”

All things considered, users keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the coming months!