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Five Changes Coming To Mobile Search

At the Search On 22 event, Google announced many new features coming up in the next months. Changes will be seen all across Google Search, Google News, Shopping, and more.

The search engine announced rolling out five big changes to Mobile Search. We’ll see an upgraded mobile search bar that will include some useful features for finding relevant information. The display of the result will also change, giving more space to images and video.

Let’s see what’s new!

Google Search Shortcuts

Who’s still typing stuff on Google Search when there are ways of doing it differently? By differently, I mean easier. Like that flower at the arboretum? Find out what it’s called with Google Lens. Want to translate text? Google Lens again. What’s that song called that you can’t remember the words of? Try humming into the microphone on Google.

Those features are still here, only more apparent with tappable shortcuts. Take a look at how it’ll look like:

Results In The Bar

In the upcoming months, links to results will be displayed in the search bar of Google’s mobile search, making finding stuff even easier. That extra few seconds count!

Basically, before you click ‘search’, Google will start populating results based on your typing. Here’s an example:

Refining The Queries

The search engine will also add query refinements so that you can find the most relevant results more quickly. It’s doing that by providing an assortment of query refinements. So, if you type a query into Google’s mobile search bar, it will offer suggestions for making your query more specific:

Google Web Stories

As you’re learning about a topic when searching with the above-mentioned refinements, Google will offer other helpful information, even some content from creators on the web. You’ll be able to see their stories, tips, things to do, and any other important aspects you might want to know.

Here’s what it will look like:

Mixing Text, Images, And Videos

Last but not least, Google will follow the trend of making people spend extra time on their phones by offering them scrollable content they’re interested in. The mobile search results will be a mixture of text, images and videos, so you’ll no longer have to travel between the web, images, video tabs, etc. Everything will be displayed on the front page.

And there you have it! Google’s all about making things easier, faster, better and more convenient as always. Looking forward to seeing it work!