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Core Update: More FAQ Rich Results Showing!

A new core update was released a few days ago and the SEO community has been on their toes ever since, monitoring and analyzing every little change. As it always is with Google releasing a major update, a lot of people noticed some changes in their ranking. But this time one thing is getting more noticed by Google – FAQs.

According to Search Engine Land, both RankRanger’s tracking tool and some SEOs are seeing an increase in the number of times a site is showing FAQ rich results. Rank Ranger says that Google is now showing FAQ rich results five percent more often than before, and SEOs like Brodie Clark and Glenn Gabe are here to confirm it.

For those wanting more details on the FAQ Schema changes on May 20th, here’s a good example for the search term “SEO” on Google. Both pages had the markup prior to the update, yet FAQ rich results weren’t appearing. After the update, both pages were yielding rich results. — Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) May 25, 2022

Yep, this seems to be the case. Seeing FAQ jump when the 5/18-ish update rolled out -> Google Showing More Search Results With FAQ Rich Results E.g. FAQ snippets surged for this site right when the update started (see below): via @rustybrick — Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) May 25, 2022

What are rich result FAQs?

Websites often have a list of frequently asked questions that pertain to a certain topic. If those FAQs are properly marked up, they can be eligible to have a rich result on Search and Action on Google Assistant. Both can help your site reach its users.

Keep in mind that Google recently removed the option to see more than two links within an FAQ rich result.

Source: Google Search Central

Why Is This Important?

More FAQ results showing up in Google Search might mean more benefits for your site. Usually, rich results lead to a higher click-through rate, but that is not always the case. For example, in this case – a person can get their question answered from the FAQ rich results and not click over to your site.

Update: On June 9th, the update finished rolling out. Read more about it here.

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