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‘Ad Free’ Twitter Coming Soon?

Everybody listen up! Pretty soon you might be able to enjoy Twitter Blue without ads. Elon Musk is the boss man after all so it seems like he pulls ideas out of thin air. That’s one way to shake things up and fast track Twitter.

This appears to be the latest announcement in terms of new products moving forward on Twitter. Lately there has been buzz going around about when we might see the paid verification program return, but this seems to have taken the spotlight.

An Ad-less Twitter?

Just a couple of days ago, we got wind of this new ad-less Twitter Blue. Elon Musk responded to the ongoing convo on Twitter, here’s what he had to say:

Basic Blue will have half the number of ads. We will offer a higher tier with no ads next year. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 13, 2022

So, it looks like Musk knows there might be too many ads for users liking. Creating a version of Twitter Blue with half the ads would be very appealing to ad-haters out there. Not to mention, if Twitter users really wouldn’t want to see any ads, then they’ll have to wait for this idea of an ad-free Twitter Blue.

As of right now, neither of these products are available but Musk always has a plan in the works. We wouldn’t be surprised if this arrives before Christmas!

Why This Is Good For Twitter

The subscription service would offer users additional features and functionality, such as the ability to edit tweets after they have been posted and access to exclusive content. It is unclear at this time when the service will be available or how much it will cost.

Social Media Today reports on this announcement speculating what Musk might be hoping will happen.

“Elon’s hope is that enough people sign-on to pay $8 per month to then use this as a means to combat bots in the app – because if all the real humans are ‘payment verified’, then the only non-checkmark accounts will be bots, helping people identify and avoid those accounts”, reports Social Media Today.

However, it is likely that the ad-free experience and added features will be appealing to many Twitter users.

Recent Twitter News

The announcement of an ad-less Twitter Blue isn’t the only hot topic from Twitter recently. In the past couple two months, since Elon Musk took over at Twitter, ever announcement or product update has been centred around his push to increase monetizing options on Twitter.

First, it was paying for the verification check mark which can as a big shock to many. Following this, Musk spearheaded the Twitter Blue subscription for $8 per month.

But then as that was integrated, it failed just as fast, leading to the reformation of Twitter Blue. From adding new targeting optimization features to wanting to turn Twitter in the everything app, we don’t think Musk sleeps.